Hello there dier fellas, Michele from Dogs Trick, Today i want to present you the colection of ebook for training your dog, Its Free Enjoy
In this video we’ll explain the best methods to train your dog to sit. For training, use whatever treats or toys motivate your dog best (ex. stinky treats, bits of their dog food, squeaky toys [More]
Sit is one the basic tricks and commands that you will want to teach and train your dog or puppy to do. I show you the easy and simple steps of how to teach your [More]
Does your dog beg every time you and the family sit down for dinner?  See how you can stop that.  
This is an advanced training tutorial that highlights just one of the MANY exercises that I use to develop off-leash reliability in a dog. It is a great exercise for any dog that is at [More]
Meet Sarge! He came to us today from Friends of Lebanon Animals and will be available for adoption in a couple of weeks. He has a major issue barking and lunging while pulling on the [More]
You want to be able to take your dog on a peaceful walk, but you know if you encounter another dog or person that your dog is going to go crazy and start barking! Embarrassing? [More]