Remember that your dog is a dog, he doesn’t come prewired to know “not to pull on leash”. A dog is restrained ALL day, confined to a house or yard, finally when the dog is [More]
Dog Training Video – Discover 7 housetraining secrets expert dog trainer Eric Letendre uses to cure tough housetraining issues. This informitive dog training video offers useful and easy to apply dog training tips.
In this video I am discussing and demonstrating different ways to stop your dog from biting the leash.
This way of training the stay incorporates many wonderful concepts into the training process: 1-By click as distractions happen you are using classical conditioning to change your dog’s emotional response to being calm and relaxed [More]
Making sure your dog comes in and out of there kennel in a calm manner is very important. This basic household mgmt command can be trained to any dog ages 8 weeks and up. Having [More]
Kenneling your dog is such an important thing to do and not just for housebreaking, it is a great leadership command that is for the safety of your dog and for our property. So many [More]
This video shows a few different jump patterns that you do to help improve your dogs jumping skills as well as your handling skills.
Fun video of my dog jumping her fence…Haley is in training to one day compete against the greatest athletes from all over the world. Haley has always been able to jump almost any fence, but [More]