Tutorial on training your dog to walk on its front feet.
Hello there dier fellas, Michele from Dogs Trick, Today i want to present you the colection of ebook for training your dog, Its Free Enjoy
Put an end to your dog’s aggression towards other dogs before it easily gets out of control and ends in an injury or fight.Dog aggression occurs much more frequently in non-neutered male dogs. Common signs [More]
A common question — “How do you train your dog to do that?” This video will show you all you need to know!
Does your dog know how to sit on command? Using treats and Petco Positive training methods, you can teach your dog to sit on command in no time. Watch more How To videos: http://bit.ly/17ZyL0i SUBSCRIBE [More]
This is a video of dog trainer Teresa Delahanty with a Black German Shepherd she trained in “Foundation Style” as a base for the control needed in personal protection training.
A potentially life saving skill that all dogs need to know is how to come when we call them. Show others how easy it can be to teach this skill by sharing:) In this video [More]
In order to keep a dog from barking at visitors, it’s a good idea to never make a personal entry or exit an exciting thing. Allow a dog to settle down after returning home with [More]