This video shows how I teach my GSP pups to learn to quarter as directed maintaining pattern and speed. I use verbal, visual and whistle to aid me in this. This pup is 4 month.
Kenneling your dog is such an important thing to do and not just for housebreaking, it is a great leadership command that is for the safety of your dog and for our property. So many [More]
Dog Training : How to train tour dog to come to the whistle when called. A short video talking about how to use the recall whistle to best effect with your dog.
Want some ideas on how to train a dog that jumps up? In this video I provide some ideas to assist with your dog training, particularly if you have a dog that jumps up. There [More]
Learn how to train a dog to stop alert barking in this video tutorial. Alert barking is the kind of barking that a dog does when the mailman walks by the house, or when the [More]